Can you really theft-proof a motorcycle in just three minutes?

Thousands of motorcycle owners lose their cherished bikes across Europe every year.

But MoniMoto is on a mission. We want to end motorcycle theft with a ground-breaking smart alarm for your motorcycle.

22,000 per year. 1,833 per month. 423 per week. 60 per day.

Did you know that’s how many bikes are taken in the UK alone? And sadly, most of them are never returned.

Imagine your motorcycle as your best friend. You take care of it and it takes care of you. There’s nothing quite like it. The thrilling acceleration from a dead stop. The excited, winding turns up a mountain. The unique freedom only a rider knows. You adore that piece of machinery.

But, you’re not the only one who wants your beautiful motorcycle. The motorcycle has fans and unfortunately, some of those fans are professional bike thieves.

Every day, millions of bike owners ride their motorcycles.

And each day, thousands of motorcycles are illegally taken from their owners.

This is exactly why we made a wireless smart alarm that syncs to your mobile device and installs in minutes. It’s truly unique. We didn’t just make it with a few motorcycle owners in mind. We made it for everyone.

But wait, do you really need an alarm system for a motorcycle? Can’t you just lock it and put it in a busy location with lots of “vigilant citizens?”

Well, sure. Those are two valuable steps in protecting your bike but the third step is crucial. Locks can easily be broken and most bystanders do just that. They stand by. You need an alarm and tracking system like MoniMoto.

Well, what if you’re not a DIY, technically-savvy person?

Then, you’re exactly who we designed this for. It installs in minutes and requires no wires.

Great, but I heard these things can drain your battery. Is this true?

No. MoniMoto doesn’t connect to your motorcycle’s battery. It runs on its own external battery.

And what about a cheap tracker? Won’t that do the trick in preventing bike theft?

Not quite. The main difference between a cheap tracker and the MoniMoto Smart Alarm is the alarm notification system. GPS coordinates are updated to your mobile device as soon as the bike is disturbed or moved.

The MoniMoto Smart Alarm will always be ready to protect your bike from dangerous criminals.

The MoniMoto Smart Alarm:

  • Comes with no subscription fees and surprise charges
  • Requires zero maintenance
  • Needs no wires to install
  • Keeps protecting your bike with a very long battery life (12+ months)
  • Notifies you within a minute and constantly updates your bike’s location at the first sign of theft

Because we’re launching this month, we’re dropping the price all the way down to £149. That’s a 25% savings. The launch price only lasts for one month so you’ve got to hurry. It’s a no-risk investment anyway, because if you’re not 100% satisfied, you’re covered by a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.

Grab one today and put an end to one of your biggest fears as a motorcycle owner.

Will you be one of the thousands of miserable motorcycle owners who loses their bike to thieves? With MoniMoto’s Smart Alarm Protection, your motorcycle will stay in good hands.

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